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Top things to do in Donnybrook

  1. Go fruit picking at Spring Valley Orchard. You can take away what you pick, or purchase other fruits. Varieties vary depending on the time of year you visit. PS, the orchards are very Instagram-worthy!
  2. Go for a dip in Glen Mervyn Dam to the east of Donnybrook. It’s a popular for water-skiing and swimming from September to January, depending on rainfall.
  3. Take a day trip in any direction. Donnybrook’s central location and multiple access roads means day trips to nearby BunburyBusselton, the Ferguson Valley and Balingup are all an enjoyable distance.
  4. Head out hunting antiques along the Harvest Highway. The inland areas of the south west have some incredible antique and vintage stores. You can start right on the main street of Donnybrook at Gingerhold’s Vintage.
  5. Schedule brunch at Lady Marmalade in nearby Kirup for the best coffee shop around. The cakes are drool-worthy and the breakfast menu is top notch. Make sure you ask about ‘Kirup Syrup’ while you’re there.
  6. Visit Policeman’s Way – a dedicated museum to police memorabilia including thousands of pins, patches, badges and hats from all over the world. Best of all, it’s free to visit.


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