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Traditional Custodians

Traditional Custodians

We pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land, both past and present, and to the young people who will be leaders in the future.

It is a privilege to be living on Noongar country. We recognise the Noongar people as part of the oldest living culture on earth and as the custodians of this land we call home.

The Waugyl Trail

“Our traditional elders and spiritual leaders know their land (boodjar) and the religious sites, myths and rituals that have been handed down for thousands of years. This knowledge is priceless because it comes from the old people from (kwidja) long time.

Every Noongar person born in this area belongs to one of two family groups and is represented either by the White Cockatoo (mantjimat) monarch spirit totem or the Crow (warding) totem.

Being Noongar is being part of a family, sharing with others all the things we believe in. We feel these things very deeply, they join us together and our old people. Our spirits are in these tress and hills and rocks and waterways, and in the goannas and the birds and the animals.”


The Gnanangarich Waugyl walk is located in the centre of town between the South Western Highway and the Preston River reserve in honour of the local first nations people.

Map and guided walk

Noongar Seasons
Noongar seasons of the south west. Image by Australia's South West.